How Can Square Dancing Help You?

A square dance brings people together forming a common bond with each other.  
There are those who would have never considered going to a square dance, but
when the music starts and hands are joined to form a circle, all prejudiced about
square dancing, evaporate.  From that moment on, the benefits of square
dancing are at work.

Square dancing provides a non competitive atmosphere for people of all ages to
interact with each other.  They receive the same benefits of a sporting event
without the agony of defeat.  At no time has the health of Americans been more at
risk, caused by inactivity and poor nutrition, resulting in,
obesity rates climbing
and the prevalence of diabetes.  The evidence is growing and is more convincing
than ever!  People of all ages who are generally inactive can improve their health
and well-being by becoming active at a moderate-intensity on a regular basis.

Regular physical activity substantially reduces the risk of dying of coronary heart
disease, the nation's leading cause of death, and decreases the risk for stroke,
colon cancer, weight; contributes to healthy bones, muscles, and joints; reduces
falls among older adults; helps relieve the pain of arthritis; reduces symptoms of
anxiety and depression; and is associated with fewer hospitalizations, physician
visits, and medications.  Moreover, physical activity need not be strenuous to be
beneficial; people of all ages benefit from participating in regular,
moderate-intensity physical activity, such as a brisk walk 30 minutes per day, five
or more times per week.  One evening of square dancing per week, meets all the
criteria for a healthy body and mind.

Otto can provide that evening of square dance, that re-charges your life. He
provides all music and sound equipment for your special event or club dance.  

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The Opportunity to Meet New People and Create New Social Ties!

Exercise That Is Fun!

No Competition Involved!

Gets Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Rhythm!

Bond by Helping and Depending on Others!

Receive Mental Stimulation!

Sharpen Mental Recall!

Rejoice in the Thrill of Accomplishment!
Why Square Dancing?