Otto Warteman
Christian Retreat Entertainer
The Wartemans started square
dancing in 1967 and shortly after
graduating from lessons, Otto began
a career calling square dances.
Because of his background as a
singer and his late wife's as a
ballroom instructor,  their transition
into caller/instructors, was easy.
In the summer of 1972, they had the
opportunity to call squares at Peaceful
Valley Dude & Guest Ranch, in
Colorado.  For the next twenty-two
years, they called for a week each
summer and winter.  Calling at the ranch
gave them the experience of meeting
people from all walks of like and from
around the world.
They increased their repertoire and honed their skills as entertainers for the
non-dancing public.

They specialized in "ice breakers," letting people meet and enjoy the
fellowship of each other in a Christian setting.  In 20
09, "Hotrod," Otto's wife
of fifty-two years, lost her battle with cancer.

2010 was a challenging year for Otto, but he has and will continue, spreading
the good news about square dancing.  He will continue to critique all musical
lyrics, to insure families are not offended.

A variety of music and dance styles will still be used, making an evening seem
too short after two hours of dancing.  His programs move from Trios to Circle
dances and on to Contras.  The sprinkling of Line dances within the program,
adds the flavor needed to spark the teens for a fun evening.

Chapel at Peaceful Valley Dude & Guest Ranch
For several years, Otto has been asked to be the entertainer at either, a
rehearsal dinner or a wedding reception.  On all occasions everyone has had a
blast.  Remember to include high school graduations.