A member of CALLERLAB since 1976 and licensed through BMI and ASCAP.

In 1995, received the award "Promoter of Square & Round Dancing" from the Houston Square and Round
Dance Council, Inc.

A copy of,
"The Benefits of Square Dancing" is available on DVD.  Please refer to the CONTACT PAGE
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Otto Warteman
Houston's 2013
Square Dance
Party Entertainer
Twelve Southern States
His Mission as an Entertainer
He annually calls squares for more than eighty schools and churches.  Bringing joy to students
in and around Houston, but also traveling to schools in Dallas and Fort Worth.  The schools
are both public and private and the churches are of several faiths
His travels take him from Colorado in the west, to North Carolina in the east and south to the Gulf of
Providing Christian entertainment to more than 25,000 students annually.  The students range in age
from kindergarten through college.
To provide a means of bonding among youth, so as to enhance the efforts of youth ministers
and councilors in bringing the message of Christ and Salvation to young people.  Focused on
the benefits of square dancing and the lessons taught about our relationship with each other
and providing a level playing field where all participants can enjoy the dance together.
  • One-Night Dance Parties for Collegiate Events
  • Specializing in Christian Retreats
  • Calling for Wedding Receptions and Rehearsal Dinners
  • Calling for Corporate Events and Conventions
  • Providing Clean Entertainment for more than forty years
Dance Party Leader for
the Non-Square Dancing
Calling Squares in the Greater
Houston Area, since 1967